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    A Plea To Our BBQ Attendees

    You smell that? Yeah~ that's bratwurst and burgers hitting the grill, and that
    cold bottle of brew is going to taste great alongside it. What? You hate
    bratwurst? Kiss my ass!

    The Fifth Annual OneUp Studios BBQ is right around the corner and the forums
    are abuzz with travel plans and lodging arrangements. This year we'll party deep
    in the woods at a wonderful party house appropriately named the Deepwood House,
    where no one can hear or bother us. Past attendees can tell you that this is the
    greatest place for a party. Expect live music from The OneUps with a few special
    guests, a shitton of video games, food, friends, and I've even heard something
    about a cooking competition. We both would love to see you at this year's bash
    on June 16th, and if you're planning on coming and haven't made lodging
    arrangements yet, be sure to hit up the forums and we'll help you figure things

    There's one last order of business to attend to:
    OneUp Studios was never a massive entertainment empire, but we did alright back
    in the day of Time & Space, and footing the bills for our yearly parties was
    "an important business expense" that we never thought twice about. These days,
    OneUp Studios is busy kicking off something of a comeback, but this time we're
    not showered in glorious press reviews and shinning web site writeups - it's
    just Mustin and Dale, and we're back at square one. While we look back at events
    we've spent thousands on very fondly, it's something we just can't manage at
    this time.

    So, we need a little help. We still have to pay for the Deepwood House as well
    as some food and other preparation costs, and we'd appreciate any money you can
    donate to help fund our fine tradition. In return we offer you our hospitality,
    any lodging we can manage, a performance by the best videogame band in

    Please send any contributions via paypal to

    We can't wait to see you all again - Five years, baby!

    Thanks so much,

    Dale and Mustin
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